Executive Board

Yohann Floch - President

Yohann Floch is a cultural consultant working internationally on capacity building, strategic development, international networking, artistic programming and cultural policy. Alongside contributing to a large number of European cooperation projects, he has worked broadly as an advocate for arts and culture, a guest lecturer at universities and professional gatherings, and an independent expert for public and private institutions supporting cultural exchange and cultural entrepreneurship.

Marie Le Sourd - Secretary

Marie Le Sourd holds a Diploma of Political Sciences from the University of Grenoble (including one year at the University of Leipzig, Germany) as well as a Master of Law on International Cultural Exchange and Relations from the University of Lyon. From 1999 to 2006 she was in charge of the programme of the Cultural Exchange Department of the Asia-Europe Foundation based in Singapore (ASEF), particularly in the fields of young artists’ exchange, development of cultural policies, and networks of cultural professionals. In September 2006 she joined the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working as the director of the French Cultural Centre in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). From January 2012, Marie has been the Secretary General of On the Move, an international network facilitating cross-border mobility in the arts and culture sector.

Chrissie Faniadis - Treasurer

Chrissie Faniadis is a consultant, lecturer and project manager based in Stockholm. Since 2008 Chrissie has been combining her production skills with her EU expertise, offering consultancy and assisting artists and organisations that wish to work internationally as well as producing large-scale events. A political scientist with a special focus on European affairs, Chrissie studied in London, France and Belgium before starting work in Brussels. After retraining as a producer she worked in the creative industries in the UK before heading back to her hometown of Stockholm to work in the international arts and culture sector.

She previously worked at Trans Europe Halles, where she was in charge of the International Resource Office, and at Intercult in Sweden, where she was in charge of the European Resource Centre and Europe Direct Intercult.

Elodie Peltier

Elodie Peltier holds a master's degree in art history from University La Sorbonne, and a master's degree in digital project and UX management from Gobelins - Ecole de l'image.

Elodie has over ten years of experience in the cultural sector. After a stint in public relations and press management, she moved on to work as a project manager and artistic director in France and the UK, creating unique events for all kinds of audiences. Recently, she widened her area of expertise to encompass user experience design for digital projects.

Milica Ilic

Milica Ilic is General Coordinator at Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique in Paris, France. She is specialised in international cooperation in the contemporary performing arts, with a particular interest in networking, strategic project management and policy. Speaking frequently in support of transnational cooperation at international conferences and in other fora, Milica is author and co-author of several publications and research studies on contemporary arts and culture, in particular concerning South East Europe. She is a member of the Board of Balkan Express, a platform for collaboration in the field of contemporary art and other socially engaged practices with and within the Balkans.

Milica has formerly worked as Head of Communications and Administration for IETM - international network for contemporary performing arts. Her professional experience also includes work at the Centre for Professional Development of the University of Arts in Belgrade, the Belgrade House of Youth, and several festivals and theatre projects in the city.

Colette Martin

Colette Martin mentors cultural professionals and supports them to develop innovative projects. She was previously in charge of career development and lifelong learning at the French Ministry of Culture, with particular responsibility for personnel in France's museum and heritage sector. In 25 years at the Ministry, she contributed to the design and implementation of numerous cultural policies, coordinated initiatives in the field of knowledge exchange, transmission and capacity building, and developed ambitious training programmes.

In the past, she has also worked as a creative producer for several cultural organisations active in the performing arts and visual arts sectors. She is passionate about connecting all forms of artistic expression with audiences – whether they know these arts well or not at all.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France