Seminars and Workshops

Fresh Ideas on Audiences

FACE seeks to reinforce our knowledge of European audiences and their involvement in cultural activities and expression. The relationship with audiences and citizens is a key area of interest, and socially engaged art forms have many positive impacts (such as social cohesion, the regeneration of neighbourhoods and invigoration of city planning, reaching out to new audience members, and the renewal of the role of the arts in daily life).

Fresh Ideas on Working Together

Gathering different target groups from the culture field (from presenters to tour bookers, communication and marketing managers to producers, advocates to researchers), FACE proposes tailor-made discussions to share work methods and tools, exchange on the implementation of work programmes, and build partnerships. In particular, the purpose is to deepen our mutual understanding of our work in order to compare the dynamics of arts organisations and analyse their responsibilities and decision-making processes.

Fresh Ideas on Working Internationally

All culture workers need to develop their creativity, seek inspiration, renew their artistic forms of expression, and (re)think their relationship with audiences. In order to work, to grow, to experiment with new ideas, and to strengthen professional pathways, FACE actively supports both young and experienced artists and culture workers through joint training and learning opportunities.

Fresh Generations

FACE co-organises meetings between arts organisations and universities, arts schools and research institutes to reinforce synergies between education and culture. The goal is to better identify the core and offshoot activities each field undertakes – and especially activities connected to entry points for young artists in different work markets. FACE encourages arts schools and cultural players to explore new connections – including the possibility of interlinking existing actions or support programmes for young artists – and evaluate possible collaboration projects.

Since 2014, FACE has organised 36 European workshops and seminars.

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