European Seminar PUBLIC (4)

@ International Street Theatre Festival, Halmstad (Sweden)

PUBLIC (3) was again a great success. Rachel Tess abstractions and reflections on dance, body and crowd moving through the passionate thoughts about participating in the arts and arts organizations from Sam Khebizi to David Boyd living in a reality in Belfast we were confident belonged to history. Meanwhile, David gave us good examples of what creativity and inclusion can do when they rework the conflict symbols. Now, we collect both ideas and materials to be able to send it to you who participated.

PUBLIC (4) will focus on “Rurality” – this theme has been close to us, and have been touched at previous PUBLIC seminars, with case studies from:

Vitalie Sprinceana, sociologist and activist (Chisinau, Moldavia)
Sara Dandois, artist from the collective RoofTopTiger (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Vera Maeder, choreographer and danser at Hello Earth! (Denmark)
Wille Christiani, circus artists and producer at CircusArts (Stockholm, Sweden)

More information soon on dedicated website.